Scholarships and Grants for Masters in Real Estate Students

Are you interested in an advanced degree in real estate? Earning a masters in real estate can lead to a better job in this field, something that doesn’t come easily in today’s economy. Many students never get a formal master’s degree education in real estate due to the high cost of graduate classes, but with financial aid like scholarships and grants, you could go back to school for little to no out-of-pocket expense.

Types of Financial Aid

The two main forms of financial aid for students are scholarships and grants. Scholarships are give to students who show merit of some sort. For example, some scholarships require you to write an essay for consideration while others require a high GPA as a undergrad. Grants, on the other hand, often don’t require you to meet such high academic standards; instead, you’re required to prove financial need. In addition, you can qualify for fellowships, which are like scholarships but typically connected to a single school and com attached to responsibilities, such as completing research projects or becoming a teaching assistant. Student loans are also an option, and although they are available at relatively low interest rates for many students, they also have to be repaid after you graduate.

Where to Find Scholarships and Grants

Colleges are themselves the number one source of scholarships and grants for students, so start your search with you school’s financial aid department. In fact, this should be one of the things you consider when comparing master’s degree programs – how much financial aid is available. Outside sources can also help you pay for your education. Scholarship and grant availability for real estate students change from year to year, but past sources include the following:

  • Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation
  • Matthew A. Martinez Real Estate Fund
  • The International Real Estate Federation
  • Pension Real Estate Association
  • National Association of REALTORS
  • The Real Estate Institute

Keep in mind that local organizations in your community may also offer scholarships and grants to students, and there are a number of general funds available, which are open to applicants in all fields of study, not just real estate students. Your school’s financial aid department can help you learn more.

Top Real Estate Masters and Financial Planning Degrees

Purdue University
BSBA: Real Estate
Purdue University: Purdue University is a massive school that provides campus-based and distance learning programs. For students who seek an in-depth, global perspective on Real Estate, Purdue offers BSBA in Real Estate that looks at law and ethics, regulations, and policies and how they affect the market place.
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