Real estate is a legal term that is largely related to activities with commercial side of land and buildings for commercial purposes. More real estate at a broader perspective can be understood from the land and fixtures together. Below is provided some useful courseware as related to real estate as to append learning on the subject.

  1. Introduction to structural design:  This courseware precisely is for architecture graduates with objective of developing basic concept in mathematics and physics for visual study of architectures for informed observation and to control structure in design to architectural intent. Primary resource for this learning is web images available around the globe.
  2. Advanced Topics in real state finance: The courseware introduces the some of the best topics and surveys in the field of real estate finance and investments. The course ware is provided into the extent of informal seminar to a maximum possible degree so a student could take a measurable initiative.
  3. Physics in Architecture:  The courseware developed by Dr John Whittle includes brief interactive notes on eight areas of physics that are some how are related to architecture. However, topics as discussed over here are Units of measurement, scalar and vector quantities, Newton’s laws, mass and weight, action and reaction, waves, heat , work, energy and light.
  4. Architectural Design: Under this courseware students are introduced with main elements of architectural forms and their use in creating principles.  After completing this courseware a student would be in position to handle small size design problems with an appropriate skill.
  5. Seminars in Building Technology: This courseware, significantly, is about energy efficiency in buildings with a practical approach towards use of energy in society. It tells under its courseware about common methods for building energy analysis. A student under courseware learns through reading, analysis,    and discussions.
  6. Sustainability in the Built Environment: This courseware is about the sustainability of the building environment in every context. This courseware emphasizes on built world’s connection with environmental issues, examination the principles and tools for sustainable architecture with focus on reducing environmental issues.
  7. Byzantine Art History: This courseware about Byzantine art history is the symbol of Byzantine culture as represented Constantinople, icons, life of the palace, domed churches, and the legacy of Byzantium. The courseware has pictures from the internet and ASU library.

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