Investing in Real Estate is a great hobby that can even become a full time job. If you’re new to real estate investing, you may find that you have a lot to learn. Did you know that you can learn many of the things you need to know from free open courseware on the web? There are lots of open courseware classes out there that can help you with any new venture you’re pursuing. Here are 20 open courseware classes worth bookmarking if you’re interested in real estate.

  1. Real Estate Finance and Investment: This class from MIT is a must for anyone investing in real estate. It will help you make the right decisions for buying and selling property.
  2. Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager: This basic law class from MIT will help you understand the business terminology you need to for closing real estate transactions.
  3. Economic Analysis for Business Decisions: Use the economic information you’ll learn in this class to help you use economic indicators to make your real estate decisions.
  4. Real Estate Economics: This MIT class will help you learn the particular economic issues associated with buying and selling real estate.
  5. Real Estate Capital Markets: This course from MIT covers the primary capital markets in Real Estate.
  6. Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance: Learn about cutting edge topics in real estate finance and investments.
  7. New Century Cities: Real Estate, Digital Technology and Design: Take a look at extraordinary projects that challenge conventional approaches to real estate development, urban design, and advanced digital technology.
  8. E-Commerce and the Internet in Real Estate and Construction: This course from MIT examines the long term effects of information technology on business strategy in the real estate and construction industry.
  9. Strategic Management in the Design and Construction Value Chain: This course provides an overview of key concepts in strategic management in the construction, real estate, and architecture industries.
  10. Media Technology and City Design and Development:
    This class teaches digital design as used in real estate and architecture.

  11. Capital Markets: This class from University of California Irvine provides a great overview of the capital markets.
  12. Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning: This course is designed to help with overall financial plan. Having an overall personal financial plan is very important before you begin investing in real estate.
  13. 3 Days to Understanding Investor Mortgage Loans: This 3 day class will help you understand the loans available to you as a real estate investor.
  14. Success Math for Real Estate Investors: Use this simple seven day course to help you know all the math you need to understand your real estate investments.
  15. The HUD 1 Basics: This five day real estate course will help you understand the HUD 1 form.
  16. Real Estate’s Role in Your Portfolio: This class from Morningstar covers the place of real estate in an investor’s overall portfolio.
  17. Risk and Diversification: This course from Investopedia covers diversification in your portfolio, including real estate.
  18. Exploring Real Estate: This course from Investopedia covers real estate from an investment point of view.
  19. Mortgage Basics: Learn all you need to know about various types of mortgages for your real estate investments.
  20. Investing 100: This class is great for learning how to invest your money in real estate and in other ways.

With these classes you’re sure to improve your overall investment knowledge and make better financial decisions about investing your money and making a great return. You’re also sure to find great knowledge about investing in real estate in particular.

Real estate investing has, historically, been one of the safest investments. Now is a good time to buy, since prices are low. Investing at these low prices means you have a good chance of seeing good growth on your investments in the future. Check out these classes so that you can make the right decisions in real estate investing. They offer great tips on understanding the market and making the most of your money.

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